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We make it happen

A one stop solution is more effective for many

reasons. Our continuous workflow inherently

promotes efficiency since all of us are on the

same page. No waiting for this and that, a

nasty effect that slows down a project when

multiple providers are involved.

3 & 5 axis machining and swiss style turning

Finding a reliable source for machined parts can be

a challenge. Feel safe with us, we offer many options.

If you need just one special part or multiple parts let us

be the solution.

CNC CAM programming and solid modeling

Our workflow is focused on Solidcam CAM software.

It takes a robust CAM software package when trying

to stay  on the top of a highly competitive market. Seamless

integration with Solidworks means changes to a solid part model

can be done quickly. So quick, coolant is still dripping from

part and we have made design changes then updated the

CNC program. Its really cool when what can be hours

turns into minutes.